How to Spend Gil in the Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial?

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How to Spend Gil in the Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial?

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How to Spend Gil in the Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial?

These can be used to change the colors of your equipment and glamour, should the item allow it. Not all dyes can be bought directly, but the ones that are buyable with Gil can be found in the city shopping districts.To get more news about Buy FFXIV Gil Cheap, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Stat Enhancing Food

Buying large stacks of Food can be an excellent option for spending your FFXIV Gil. Any Food alone will grant you a 3% EXP buff for 30 minutes, which doesn't sound like much, but it adds up. Aside from EXP, the extra stat bonuses can be pretty helpful as well. You can buy Food in many places, such as in the city market areas. The best Food that's buyable for Gil comes from Foundation, Ishgard.

Gear for Your Jobs from Vendors

Spending Gil on Leveling Armour, Weapons, Tools, and Accessories is one of the more accessible options for newer players. There are 14 Combat Classes, 8 Crafters, and 3 Gatherers, indeed one of those needs some gear. There are certainly better gear options, but buying it from NPCs is a solid option if you need some new gear quickly. Below are some locations where you can find some.
1). Tradecraft Suppliers

In each of the Main Cities (Gridania, Limsa Lominsa, Ul'dah, and Foundation), there are Shopping Districts with many NPCs you can trade with. The Tradecraft Suppliers, in particular, sell a variety of low-level materials for each crafting class.

2). Guild Suppliers

Each of the 8 Crafting Guilds has Guild Suppliers who sell low-level materials for the class that they represent. These have more options compared to the general tradecraft suppliers. Gridania has Carpenter and Leatherworker. Limsa Lominsa has Armorer, Blacksmith, and Culinarian. Ul'dah has Alchemist, Goldsmith, and Weaver.

3). Material Suppliers

In each of the four Residential Districts, you can find Materials Suppliers. As the name suggests, they sell materials. These are somewhat similar to the tradecraft suppliers located in cities in that they sell low-level materials for all classes, just with a different selection.

4). Scrap Salvager

This excellent NPC resides in Idyllshire, from the Heavensward expansion. The Scrap Salvager sells a bunch of higher-level materials, ranging from Level 50 to Level 60. The materials can be a bit pricey, but if you're looking for a Gil sink, this can be the best place.
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